Teenage boy spanked for having two fathers didn't resist and died

School where they boy studied and was assaulted by other studentes: Escola Estadual Doutor José Eduardo Vieira Raduan

Teenage boy spanked for having two fathers didn't resist and died

By Sergio Viula

Teenager Peterson Ricardo de Oliveira, 14 years old, died in the afterrnoon of last Monday, March 9th, after being assaulted by other students in a public school in the city of Ferraz de Vasconcelos, state of São Paulo
According to one of his fathers, the assault was due to the fact that he was the son of a gay couple.

 “I didn’t know that my son suffered prejudice for being the sono of a gay couple. We’ve been informed by the police chief. We are sad and have decided to disclose what happened so this does not happen again with other children”, said Márcio Nogueira, during an interview to R7 site, one of the biggest site of news in Brazil.

Reportedly, he was assaulted at the school entrance by several boys and became ill four hours later. The teenager was hospitalized but did not resist and died.  The information was confirmed by Police Chief Eduardo Boiguez Queiroz from the Itaquaquecetuba police department.

Peterson Ricardo de Oliveira, 14
The boy had brain hemorraghe and cardio respiratory arrest.

It’s impossible not to make a connection between homophobic hatred spread all around by fundamentalist evangelical pastors and the evangelical caucus in the Congress.  Eduardo Cunha, Congressman and leader of the Deputy’s Chamber has recently stated that two fathers or two mothers and children are no family.  

Evangelical caucus. It grew after last year's elections.

Not only that but also the hate speech that conservatives such as Bolsonaro and others repeatedly promote. Jair Bolsonaro, Congressman, said more than once that children who act “gayish”  should be beaten up until they get fixed.

Jair Bolsonaro at the Deputy's Chamber speaking against gay rights

To make matters worse, despite the commotion that took over the social networks in Brazil, there are people minimizing the fact. 

And the question that has not been answered yet: What kind of penalty will the offenders get? Allegedly, the secretary of education did not show commitment to investigate the case internally, but the police chief has confirmed the beating took place at school.