Brazil: Subway workers of São Paulo sympathize with a gay couple assaulted by 15 men.

Enough of homophobia! - Danielo and Raphael, we are with you! Metro Line 1 Traffic,

São Paulo Subway workers campaing against homophobia and show sympathy for a gay couple assaulted in one of the trains

A summary of the case:

On November 13th, Danilo Ferreira Putinato, 21, and Raphael Almeida Martins de Oliveira, 20, were assaulted by a group of 15 men who embarked between Tiradentes and Luz stations - two neighborhoods in São Paulo. They were beaten up and kicked out of the wagon just after the group went on the the train. The reason was just a kiss they were giving each other when the gang suddenly embarked.

The case was reported and it is being investigated by the police. 

This week, the Subway employees decided to send their sympathy to couple in a very touching way. They took photos with signs that read "enough of homophobia" and "Rafael and Danilo, we are with you" (see picture above). 

Workers from different stations have taken part in the campaign and others are joinging them as time goes by. The photo above as well as all the ones below are part of this beautiful and spontaneous campaign, which is worthy our most sincere recognition.

Congratulations, São Paulo Subway Team! 

We are looking forward to being able to congratulate the police for arresting the aggressors. May it happen soon.

Enough of homophobia! - Danielo and Raphael, we are with you! Santa Cruz Station

Idem - Liberdade Station

Idem - Barra Funda Station

Idem - Sé Station

Idem - Luz Station

Idem - Barra Funda Station - CTPM stands for São Paulo's Company of Metropolitan Trains.

The pictures were first brought to public on Facebook by: