A mind opener: In Search of Myself.

In Search of MyselfIn Search of Myself by Sergio Viula


The original book (Em Busca de Mim Mesmo) in Portuguese was warmly welcomed by both LGBT and straight people in Brazil. That's why I decided to translate the book and get it published on Amazon. The book was devised to be a tool for enlightenment in terms of 'ex-gay' therapies and other sources of prejudice, each of them resulting in damage to so many.

'IN SEARCH OF MYSELF' is touching, funny at times, disturbing once in a while, but encouraging and inspiring all the way through. There are lots of cases and tips related to the Brazilian context which may give readers of other countries a good glimpse of what's going on in the land of the biggest Pride Parade of the world - the LGBT Pride Parade of São Paulo. Also, in Rio the LGBT Pride Parade is the third biggest city celebration, only losing to New Year's Eve and Rio's insuperable and worldwide famous Carnival.

However, things are not that pinkish in the lives of many Brazilian LGBT people, especially those overwhelmed with fundamentalist beliefs and fears. The author knows his stuff very well as he was also a Baptist pastor and one of the founders of an 'ex-gay' ministry in Brazil.

After working 18 years with the church, I went from an enemy of the LGBT movement to an LGBT activist himself. My coming out took place in 2003 and since then I've been working hard to help foster LGBT awareness and advance LGBT rights in Brazil.

The book is a must-read. It is honest and transparent from beginning to end.

Please read it and send feedback. I'll be pleased to learn more about my readers' impressions.

Sergio Viula
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