Men in love: Surprise on an Avianca's flight

Brazil: Flying can be everything - even romantic.

From the Brazilian columnist of O Globo newspaper, ANCELMO GOES

Translation by Sergio Viula for "Fora do Armário", a Brazilian LGBT blog.

Gay Parade

On an Avianca's flight, number 6252, from Guarulhos (Sao Paulo) to Galeão (Rio de Janeiro), yesterday [Oct 11], at about midday, a well-dressed young man convinced the capitain to let him use the plane's sound system to deliver a message.

He started singing "Love without kissing / Bochecha without Claudinho, that's me without you”. [N.T.: a reference to the Brazilian pop song "Fico Assim Sem Você" sung by Claudinho & Bochecha]

Flight goes on...

And announced: "After nine years together, will you marry me, César?”

César, all handsome in a navy-blue suit, went forward and, to the beat of "kiss, kiss, kiss" pulled by the passengers, accepted the proposal. The captain, in the same atmosphere, put forward "let you be happy forever."

Isn't that cute?