HIV-AIDS: UN Guide highlights treatment to Aids in Brazil

HIV-AIDS: UN Guide highlights treatment to Aids in Brazil

Educator explaining how to prevent from STD and HIV infection

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In their guidelines, “Treatment 2015” highlighted Brazil and its treatment programmes to fight Aids. Since 1996, everyone who lives with HIV in the country is entitled the right to free treatment.

The programme also highlighted the “Get to Know” campaign – a initiative by the Ministry of Health that encourages the public to get tested for HIV, which has already been applied even in shopping centres, festivals and Pride events. In 2012, 3.8 million quick tests were distributed and prenatal verifications raised from 63% in 2004 to 85% in 2010-2011. Besides, there are several health centres that offer quick tests for HIV. More than 500 places to give advice and voluntary testing are being run in the country.

Today, around 250 thousand people who live with HIV receive treatment in Brazil. The country produces 11 of over 20 types of anti-virus medical drugs available in its territory. Hoje, cerca de 250 mil pessoas que vivem com o HIV recebem tratamento no Brasil.

The UN launched “Treatment 2015”, with guidelines to increase HIV treatment worldwide and make sure that 15 million people with Aids have access to anti-virus medication until the end of 2015. Although Brazil has a relatively low rate of HIV (0,4%), higher levels are visible in certain groups, including men who make sex with other men, sex professionals, transgenders and people who take drugs.

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