Gay Group of Bahia (GGB) recommends that Pope Francis does not condem gay marriage

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Gay Group of Bahia (GGB) recommends that Pope Francis does not condem gay marriage

Gay Group of Bahia (GGB), the oldest gay group of Brazil, released a note last Tuesday (11/06/13)

Translated by Sergio Viula
Pope Francis in the Vatican 

Concerned with potential statements against homosexuality during the World Youth Walk, which will take place in Rio, between 23rd and 28th of June, the Gay Group of Bahia (GGB) released a note recommending that Pope Francis, the principal star of the event does not say anything against gay marriage in Brazil, once it's been legalized and more than half the Brazilian population supports it, besides the singers that will perform during the event, such as: Ivete Sangalo, Milton Nascimento and Michel Teló.

GGB also asks the youngsters that will be in Rio to respect their own free sexual orientation as well as the others', without prejudice and guarantees that Jesus never condemned homosexual love, having even said that there are eunuchs who were born that way from their mothers' wombs. By saying that, the organization puts forward that homophobia - hatred against homosexuals - is a grave sin and undermines the golden rule of Christianity, love one another.

Gay activists urge young Catholics to overcome their casual internalized homophobia imposed by intolerant moralists and to accept themselves as they are: legitimate temples of the Holy Spirit, as Jesus never discriminated anyone, and protest against any statement or display of anti-LGBT intolerance, demanding the same rights as shown by Christ to sinners and sexual deviants.

The note also advises youngsters that just in case Catholics meet a "girl from Ipanema" or a "Boy from Rio" - in a reference to two famous Brazilian songs that celebrate a Carioca girl's and a Carioca boy's charms - they shouldn't forget to wear condoms as it's an act of love. GGB also interprets that  sexual consent age in Brazil is 14, according to the Child and Teenage Statute  (ECA), but it's wiser to only make out with people over 18 years old.