BRAZIL: Homophobic Deputy Marco Feliciano Advances Law Bill to Heal Gays

In the background, homophobic Deputy Marco Feliciano.

In the foreground, gay Deputy Jean Wyllys, kind of Brazilian Harvey Milk in the Congress.

Learn more about Jean Wyllys HERE.

Widely known as being homophobic, chauvinist, racist and xenophobic, due to several public statements violating any sense of humanism and human rights, Marco Feliciano, pastor of the Assemblies of God and congressman (deputy), was elected president of the Human Rights Committee of the Federal Congress on March 7th, 2013, due to a maneuver by his fundamentalist fellows and the lack of responsibility and ethics shown by the party of the President as well as other historically committed ones.

Since he assumed the presidency of the Human Rights Committee of the Federal Congress, Feliciano has worked to the best of his [wicked] abilities to approve a despicable law bill (PDC 234/11) issued by another fundamentalist pastor, Deputy João Campos, which is intended to remove a ban by the Federal Council of Psychology (CFP in Portuguese) on psychologists’ offering "gay healing" to homosexual patients as homosexuality is not a disease – position shared by several other worldwide known mental health organizations. It goes without saying that all attempts to change people's sexual orientation have proved to be nothing but useless and harmful throughout Western history. 

Two days ago (June 18th, 2013), Feliciano managed to pass a vote on the law bill, getting it approved in the Human Rights Committee. Few votes were needed, though. So, as the committee has been taken over by his party fellows and other fundamentalist evangelical allies, his malice found no obstacles, except one vote in contrary. The bill still has to undergo evaluation and approval by two other committees before going for a final vote in a Congress plenary session to be scheduled.

After hearing that Ms Maria do Rosário, the Secretary of Human Rights, directly connected to President Dilma Roussef, announced that she would work to prevent the bill from being approved by the Congress, Feliciano promptly and openly threatened the president with an evangelical rebellion against her in case she does anything to interfere with the process.

At a moment when Brazil has been witnessing huge popular manifestations everywhere, Feliciano who has been himself the target of several protests since March this year, is adding up to the population’s dissatisfaction, therefore deepening the crisis. 

Unfortunately, we cannot be so sure of the President’s good sense and commitment to the human rights as Ms Dilma Roussef has compromised several times in order to please the evangelical wing.

One thing is for sure, though: She will lose votes either way – from fundamentalist evangelicals if she stands for LGBT rights against Feliciano’s attempt to officially declare homosexuals as sick people, or from LGBT and humanists if she sacrifices laicism once again in order to please those freaking fundamentalists. 

Sergio Viula
Brazilian blogger (‘Out of the Closet’ in English)

Twitter: @SergioViula2