NBA Jason Collins is out. ;)

Dear Friends,

I've just received the following letter from the Human Rights Campaign and decided to share the good news with you all. Have a look, please.

Sergio Viula

Dear Sergio,

By courageously coming out as the first openly gay male athlete in a major team sports league, NBA center Jason Collins has shown the world that one's sexual orientation is no longer an impediment to achieving one's goals, even at the highest levels of professional sports.
This is a historic day – can you help spread the word to your friends and family?

If you're on twitter, be sure to tweet Jason and send your thanks!

Like WNBA MVP Sheryl Swoopes and soccer star Megan Rapinoe before him, Collins will immediately become a role model for youth all across this country. His actions today tell LGBT young people that what will define our success in life is our character and dedication, not our sexual orientation.

At a moment when millions are reflecting on the life and legacy of Jackie Robinson, Jason Collins is a hero for our own times. Please join us in sending a message that the American people stand behind him on this historic day.

Chad Griffin
Chad Griffin
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