Brazilian Deputy Jean Wyllys under attack by fundamentalists

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Brazilian Deputy Jean Wyllys
under attack by fundamentalists

Written by Sergio Viula

Jean Wyllys’ abridged trajectory

Jean Wyllys de Matos Santos was born in the small town of Alagoinha, Bahia, on March 10th, 1974. He is a journalist, with a master’s degree in linguistics from the Federal University of Bahia. He is also a writer and, more recently, a politician, elected in 2010 as a federal deputy by PSOL (party) from Rio de Janeiro His mandate started in February, 2011. 

Interestingly, Jean Wyllys took part in the 2005 edition of Bib Brother Brazil and won the reality show competition. That’s when the whole country came to know the great person he is.

Ironically, Jean Wyllys was elected to the Brazilian parliament with the lowest amount of votes from Rio de Janeiro, which meant getting 13,016 votes (0,2%), being dragged upwards by the performance of a mate from the same party, Deputy Chico Alencar, who had been granted 240.671 (3%) of the votes. Nonetheless, in 2012, the Congress on Focus Prize (Prêmio Congresso em Foco), Jean Wyllys, who had won the elections by a slight margin, was chosen the BEST FEDERAL DEPUTY OF BRAZIL by the Internet voters.

The slandering campaign against Jean Wyllys

Jean Wyllys is also the first Congressman of Brazil to publicly assume his homosexuality and engage in the promotion of equal rights: The same rights, with the same names, to all persons. Due to his inclusive attitude and his unmerchantable humanism, besides his unrestricted defense of an actually secularist State, Wyllys has been targeted by a heavily dishonest campaign launched by fundamentalists and opportunists, self-labeled as evangelicals, who have taken over some positions in the Brazilian parliament.

The latest clash came up when he assertively opposed the assignment of another deputy, Mr. Marco Feliciano, ankowledged for is homophobic, racist and xenophobic statements and behavior, frankly displayed on this twitter profile and other websites. After Jean Wyllys took position against the assumption of the Human Rights Committee and Minorities by Feliciano, his image started appearing on extremists’ sites and profiles featuring offensive statements and words untruthfully put in his mouth. All of that with one purpose: discredit his character, work and reputation.

However, what those lies really unveil is how desperate the homophobic fundamentalists are in face of the lack of arguments that could possibly support their anti-humanistic and homophobic position.

Marco Feliciano's misdeeds

Marco Feliciano has been sued by the Republic General Prosecutor on the basis of the law that previews crimes of prejudice against colour or race. The lawsuit is being assessed by the Federal Supreme Court of Brazil. He is also responding for the crime of embezzlement and for the crime of libel against a senior lady.

The stand taken by Jean Wyllys against the permanence of Marco Feliciano in the Human Rights and Minorities Committee, due to these and other violations, is not exclusively of his. Several other deputies have shown disapproval of Feliciano’s assignment to the position.

Last Saturday (March 9th), people crowded to the streets in order to protest against Marco Feliciano in the Human Rights and Minorities Committee. The movement started and grew within the social networks out of the disatisfaction of common citizens. 

Tomorrow (March 16th), even more people in more cities will be marching at the same time. The marches include Paris, San Francisco and Buenos Aires, as you will find below:

Belém (PA)- Devido as peculiaridades (o regime de chuvas),
ele será no Domingo de manhã:
Dourados (MS) -  também terá manifestaçáo, embora em outro horário (17h30min - horário local) 

The cryout in one voice is:

Out, Feliciano!