A Brazilian father's letter to his gay son

Henrique Meirelles plays Irish folk music 

Henrique Meirelles is one of those beautiful people that bump into us just to enrich our lives. I first met him during a preparatory course for IELTS (an international exam taken by non-native speakers of English who want to study or work in an English-speaking country). He was brilliant no matter what he did. Anyway, he was a teacher of English too. I just couldn't figure out that he would shortly become my workmate. He gave up travelling and started working in the same school of English as I do.

Last Thursday, during our friend André Saidy's farewell dinner, Henrique mentioned a letter that his father had written to him before he even talked to his dad about his sexual orietation. The letter was mentioned because I said something about the American dad who wrote his gay son a letter to calm him down about his not yet done "getting out of the closet" (a Portuguese translation was issued here).

Of course, I got really excited about Henrique's story and asked him to give my blog an interview and a permission to issue his photo and the letter. He promptly agreed and, two hours later, the Portuguese original version of this post had already been issued. I hope you like the English version as much as Brazilian people have enjoyed the Portuguese one. ^^


Fora do Armário: How old were you when your father wrote the letter?

Henrique: I was 19 when he wrote me that letter.

Fora do Armário: How old were you when you told your mother about your sexual orientation?

Henrique: I told her some months before, I was 18 then.

Fora do Armário: So, there was a time gap of less than a year between both episodes. What was it like to attend school without talking to them about that for so long?

Henrique: I went through A LOT of bullying at shcool. Things just got better in the last two years of High School, when I started to accept myself and open my life to a friend or another - before that, it was hell on Earth. lol Without playing the dramatic one! (capitals by him)

Fora do Armário: Was here a moment when you got out of the closet once for all? Or it was little by little - friends, family, etc., each one at a time?

Henrique: I started by telling my closest friends. I felt better and better due to their openess and consideration. That feeling ended up in a conversation with my mother.

Fora do Armário: What is the best thing about living out of the closet?

Henrique: The best thing of living out of the closet is being yourself and never bow your head to anyone because of that.

Have a look at Henrique's father's letter. So cute!

Translation below the letter.


My beloved son Henrique, 

One of these days your mother told me about your condition. It was no surprise to me, as due to life experience, I was quite sure of what was going on with you. I just would like you to know that there's no reason why you should feel embarrassed or avoid contact with me. It doesn't change my love for you at all. To me, your father, it doesn't matter if my son is a man, a woman, straight, gay or bisexual, ugly or beautiful, etc., etc. etc. What matters is my love for you, which will never change or fail. I love you so much and if there's something I'd really complain about, it is the "distance" you have kept from me through the late years. Don't you forget: You're my son, I love you and my son will never have a flaw. Besides, you have already proved throughout these 20 years how excellent a person you are. I love you and I just want to see you happy, always very happy.


26/08/05 - 8 o´clock pm
At a moment when I was missing you a lot.