25 Years of Homosexual Emancipation in the Netherlands Armed Forces

Amin (left) & Wilko

Thank you, Amin & Wilko, for the book and the press release kindly sent to our home. We received the parcel today (February 1st, 2013). It's our pleasure to remember those lovely moments we spent with you and all your folks in the Armed Forces on the Amsterdam Canal Parade 2012. We are thankful to SHK (Homosexuality & The Armed Forces Foundation) as well.

Our deepest gratitude to the NL Agency, which invited us on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education, Culture & Science.

Missing all those good fellows;

Best wishes,
Sergio & Emanuel
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil


  1. Delighted by the achievement and respect devoted over all these years, to support and combat discrimination. Congratulations!!

    1. Great to hear that, dear. Thanks for the comment and consideration.


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