Brazilian law student suffers homophobic attack

Law student André Cardoso Gomes Baliera, 27, -- attacked by two young men on Monday (December 3, 2012) in Pinheiros, a well-off neighborhood in the west side of São Paulo -- issued a video last Thursday (6) reassuring he was a victim of homophobia.

Joel Cordaro, lawyer of Diego Mosca Lorena de Souza, 29, personal trainer, and of Bruno Paulossi Portieri, 25, student of logistics, allegeded last Wednesday (5) there was no homophobia.

Both of the men were caught red-handed and reported for murder attempt. Co-ordinator of Policies for Sexual Diversity, Heloísa Gama Alves, announced that Souza and Portieri will be prosecuted on the basis of São Paulo state law against homophobia (state law number 10.948/2001).

According to the Military Police, Baliera was returning on foot from a drugstore when he was cursed by the two young men who were in a car parked on the corner of Teodoro Sampaio St. and Henrique Schaumann St.

In his report at the police station, the victim said that he was called "faggot, son of a bitch and fucking fag" as he crossed the street.

After Baliera replied to the insults, Portieri and Souza got out of the car and kicked and punched him badly. 

Police officers who were nearby arrested the two offenders and took them to the 91st Police Department where a report for murder attempt was filed.

Baliera had a cut on the head and several wounds. He was taken to hospital and dismissed later.

The case will be investigated by the 14th Police Department (Pinheiros).

With information from UOL
Translated by Sergio Viula


Up to this month, about 300 LGBT people have been murdered in Brazil out of homophobia. Yet, the bill related to criminalizing homomphobia in Brazil is stuck in the Parliament due to a fundamentalist board's lobby in the Congress.

Nonetheless, President Dilma Rousseff could do something, but she hasn't ever spoken against homophobia. 

Speak up, Dilma. Act up, Mrs. President. It's high time Your Excellency did something about it.