Lady Gaga moves people in Rio and get moved by fans

Lady Gaga moves people in Rio 
and get moved by fans

By Sergio Viula

Em Português Aqui.

Lady Gaga moves people in Rio and get moved by fans

I must confess that I am not speaking from my own experience as I couldn’t make it to Lady Gaga’s show yesterday. Nothing new to it, though, as I didn’t go to Madonna’s show either. Neither did I go to Rock ‘n Rio or any other in the wonderful city of Rio de Janeiro, despite living here since I was born.  The reason is quite simple: I don’t fancy struggling to enter a show and then keep struggling to find a place or to buy drinks or to find my way to the bathroom, etc. I reckon that’s too high a cost for too little benefit. I prefer watching the DVDs in the comfort of my home, but I understand the energy that the audience seeks in live shows. That’s why I sponsored my children to Rock ‘n Rio without any reluctance while I myself didn’t go.

However, speaking of Lady Gaga’s show, a dear friend of mine attended and stayed in one of the best areas, the same one that cost 700 reais (about 350 dollars)!!! Don’t worry, there were 90-real tickets too (about 45 dollars) and those who had the right to half-priced tickets were granted the benefit whatever the area chosen.

What puzzles me is why Brazilian media created a storm in a teacup out of the fact that the tickets weren’t immediately sold out. I recognize that Madonna’s last show sold out in a very short time, but the question still remains: Why? After all, Lady Gaga is undoubtedly a world sales phenomenon.

One of the reasons put forth by the media was the price, since Gaga’s Brazilian fan club, however immense, is mostly made of teens and youngsters who do not have personal income. There are older fans too. I myself like her a lot, principally her political engagement and her humanism.

According to my friend Jean Moreira (Gaga’s newest little monster), the show yesterday was incomparable! The Pop Star simply rocked the place to the ground, both singing and performing, always surrounded by breath-taking dancers, on a stage that was a gothic-psychedelic combination. He confessed to be specially well-impressed by the way she treated her fans and the way she referred to Brazil and Rio, including mentions to the work that has been done to pacify Rio’s shantytowns – the famous UPPs –, which she visited as soon as she arrived in Rio. 

During the show, one of the top moments was featured by a teenage-boy fan who cried non-stop when Lady Gaga invited him onto stage. His overwhelming emotion took over Lady Gaga as well and she cried along. Besides my friend, the Brazilian media also broadcast that moment.

The unavoidable question remains: Why did the tickets seem so expensive to Lady Gaga’s public? 

To my mind, there are at least two reasons:

1. Gaga’s public in Brazil is mostly teen and young. Most of them have no personal income. It becomes a family issue to have parents sponsor a ticket like this;

2. Brazil has projected the false image that Brazilian people’s wallets are stuffed with money but that is not really true. Although misery has retreated in Brazil (after so much federal charity), Brazilians are heavily in debt. As I see it, the winner took it all. What I mean is that the first singers and performers who came to Brazil last year and this year had a head start. A lot of people must have bought Madonna’s tickets, Paul McCartney’s, Rock ‘n Rio’s and others’ by credit card and now the snow ball only gets larger and larger. Many people may not have managed to include new debts and then - shazan! – Lady Gaga became a distant dream. Maybe next time.

All in all, the media and social network users who seem to have teamed up in order to cruelly criticize Lady Gaga by saying her tickets were unsold should have wondered why citizens of other countries can afford show after show of their divas’, travel after them and still live much more comfortably than us while we can hardly afford to buy a ticket to see Lady Gaga's splendid performance in our own city? Isn’t Brazil the SIXTH GREATEST ECONOMY in the world? That’s what economists say. I wonder if our government and bourgeoisie will ever be able to solve such an enigma – the sixth greatest economy cannot afford a ticket to see Lady Gaga?

Lady Gaga’s producers and sponsors may have fallen into the same trap – the one that makes believe Brazilians are rolling on money. 

No need to be a prophet to foresee that Brazilian citizens will go through similar shame in the next World Cup and Olympic Games, with one difference, however:  There will be loads of foreigners looking forward to watching the games coming from all continents to join Brazilian bourgeoisie in the VIP areas and luxury suites. I certainly do not fit in any of those categories. You might not either. Neither did Lady Gaga’s teenage and young fans. That’s for sure.

By the way, over 30.000 fans attended her show in Rio! ;)

There are two more shows to go in Brazil: One in São Paulo and another one in Porto Alegre. They are absolutely worth seeing.

My warmest greetings to Lady Gaga and her team! Proud of you all!

Sergio Viula
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Facebook: /sergio.viula
Twitter: @SergioViula


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